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GameFi Virtual Life

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We aim to make full use of the cumulative experience of VR and AR technologies to increase the realism of this environment.
Now it’s time to build our second lives. It seems like the whole world is looking for the chance at the same time. Whether they are not satisfied with the first one or for some other reason is debatable.
As Byepix, we aim to create a happier and more enjoyable environment to integrate the Blockchain and Defi revolutions into our virtual lives, free from everything imposed on us as a “rule” in the world.

Our pioneers prepared nine different planets for you in our star system that serve other purposes to do everything you can do on earth.

In this new universe, with your personalized meta-human character, you can independently explore the virtual world, participate in events, and communicate with other meta-humans in an online universe. We want to state that it is possible to have social interactions and acquire a new profession in Byepix Virtual Life.
The Meta-human avatars we are talking about are textual, graphical representations or live video avatars with auditory and tactile sensations. With Byepix, the user can manipulate the elements of the modelled world, offering perceptual stimuli; thus, accessing a computer-simulated world that can experience some degree of presence. In this new world, the project’s stakeholders determine the rules, namely the members of the DAO. Example rules are gravity, topography, motion, real-time actions, and communication. Communication between users can range from text, graphical symbols, visual gestures, voices, and forms that rarely use the senses of touch, voice command, and balance.
Byepix GameFi Virtual Life;
• Works with its basic laws of physics.
• Each player represents an individual in the Byepix star system.
• Interaction with the world takes place in real-time.
• This star system does not only belong to you also other users share the universe.
• The Byepix Star System is permanent and is still there when you are not.
Byepix Virtual Life and Economy
We mentioned that the purpose of Byepix is to bring finance and entertainment together. Byepix Virtual Life is a system that has created its internal economy. In these universes, the native token of the exchange medium ecosystem is EPIX.
You can think of one of the planets in this star system as an employment agency. On Mission planet, users take on missions to improve the ecosystem daily. In return for these tasks, users can have EPIX Tokens.

A virtual economy is the emerging interaction feature between participants in a virtual world. Although the designers have great control over the economy with the coded mechanics of trade, established DAO mechanisms guarantee the distribution of income justice and sovereignty in the universe and GameFi. 

The new update is one of the first steps toward Byepix’s dreams. People will be able to make money by clicking their mouse buttons.

Gamification System:

Dear Byepix investors, we are proud to present our new Gamification (Scoring) system!
You can convert and use Byepix points on Byepix Virtual Lands and Virtual Life.

We decided to evaluate all the movements you made within Byepix.


  1. Your daily visits to 1 point
  2. Registering at : 3 points
  3. Your acceptance of Browser Notifications: 5 points
  4. Earn Byepix Points according to the amount of EPIX you purchase: %1
  5. Earn Byepix Points at a fixed rate according to the amount of EPIX purchased by Your references: %1
  • You will earn “Byepix Points” that will be valid in the Byepix star system.


  • 3 points for new registration
  • 1 point per sign in to (once per 24 hours)
  • 5 points for allowing the notification system
  • %1 for referral purchase

So how will Byepix investors convert these points?

Our systems continue to evolve. You can use your Byepix Points in the conversion area, published during the Presale stage soon, by converting them into Land offers.
At the same time, you will be able to use these points in Byepix Assets in the future.