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Mission Planet

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Tasks on this planet will be updated every week, and these tasks will provide you high financial returns!
Byepix is not a star system dedicated only to its investors, it is there for all people. You can be a part of life in this star system by visiting this planet, completing tasks, and earning rewards!
Byepix integrates multiple ways into its system to create opportunity for users to make money. Byepix is far beyond than other classic crypto finance project with its innovations.
Users will be offered with the opportunity to earn money by completing tasks on Task Planet, which was born due to the importance we place on our community as well as our efforts to grow it and accelerate the Byepix network growth.
These daily tasks include many options, from in-system transactions to social media tasks. For example, a task can ask the user to share the Byepix’s hashtag on their social media platforms or swap between coin pairs.