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The main goal of metadata is to create a space where the digital world and the physical world merge. Basically, this is a ‘meta-universe’ where the real and the virtual get together.

According to Investopedia, the Metaverse is a collection of social media resources, augmented reality games, and virtual reality online games on a single platform. It also includes units that allow users to interact virtually and use cryptocurrency. It is a virtual reality that will enhance the user’s experience on a whole new level. Sound and other sensory elements will give the user a real-world experience in the virtual fictional world.

Microsoft defines a metadata warehouse as a digital space where people, places, and things exist digitally. As a result, it is possible to say that the Metaverse carries the elements of reality to the virtual world.

Metaverse is an operating version of the internet

For instance, something the Metaverse promises in the future is your ability to have a real coffee drinking experience with a friend from another part of the world using an Oculus VR3 set. Both you and your friend’s avatar can engage in a completely natural conversation in a virtual cafe.
The environment, sound, and avatars will be replicas of real life, creating a real-life get-together experience.
When the Metaverse reaches its goal of creating a virtual world, an online space or platform will be created so users can interact with each other in a multidimensional way. High-tech devices such as VR sets will be required for this experience.

Metaverse is not a product of Facebook as some might think. Neither Facebook nor any other person or technology company owns the metadata warehouse. Just like the internet, Metaverse doesn’t belong to anyone; it is an open platform.