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Layer 2 Solutions

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Byepix aims to solve scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility problems between all Metaverse projects

Byepix, as the first Web3-based all-in-one metadata warehouse, is preparing to launch the Super Metaverse Protocol (SMP), a Layer 2 cross-chain aggregator designed to connect all metadata servers and networks into a single Byepix-based ecosystem.

The flexibility and compatibility that a huge ecosystem will provide for users are essential components of the real user experience. While the vast majority of existing metaverse bases are fragmented and incompatible projects with no unified user experience.

Byepix has developed a 3-Stage solution approach to harmonize non-Unified Metaverse projects.
Meet the solutions!

Solution 1) Byepix Metaverse Blockchain – Layer 2 Solution

It takes part in the Layer 2 Protocol field and serves as the Processing Brain of the Metaverse Environments. It removes all borders and access restrictions in Metaverse Environments for all users.
Byepix removes borders and brings all the Metaverse users in the world together.

Solution 2) Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol

Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol spreads to all internet environments for Metaverse users, collects, processes, and performs data and functions that will bring users together, and establishes inter-network connections. The Super Metaverse Protocol is a Layer 2 cross-chain aggregator that connects all metadata servers and networks together into a unified Byepix-based ecosystem.
When Byepix Metaverse Blockchain is completed, it will merge with Byepix SMP.

Solution 3)  Byepix SMA (Super Metaverse Application)

The Byepix Super Metaverse Application is an application with a User Interface Design that works using the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol.

Byepix’s Super Metaverse Multi-Layered Integration provides users in all Metaverse environments with NFT and Asset Management, Price Measurements, Marketcap, Sales, and Transfer capabilities on a unified platform. Manage All Your Assets with the Super Metaverse Application. 

The Metaverse is even more awesome now!

Contact Your Avalanche Network Friend While Participating on the Ethereum Network! Byepix provides users with seamless transitions for experiencing reality.

Metaverse Blockchain

The target point of Byepix Metaverse Blockchain will be Metaverse scaling, at which point Byepix Metaverse Blockchain will be configured on Off-Chain and On-Chain services according to Metaverse requirements and will work for scaling problems solutions that are not yet born for Metaverse.

Byepix Super Metaverse creates a common network for all metaverse projects and users using SMP and SMA structures.

Users can view, measure, transfer, and sell NFT and other assets without barriers to locations and tools across All Metaverse Environments.

In addition, Users can interact with users from all other Metaverse projects, play Games, Participate in Social Events and gain experience.

Super Metaverse Protocol: It is an architecture that is open to the contributions of other projects, can be built, and can be supported.

This setup is being developed to support all Metaverse structures and provide flexible connection protocols, including the Blockchain Metaverse infrastructure that Meta will develop.

By integrating metaverses through SMP, Byepix is also integrating its own solutions for earning, communication, and self-expression: the Virtual Life Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, Staking Systems, Daily Tasks, Gaming Platform, and DeFi Systems. These products form the overall Super Metaverse, designed to improve the end-user experience. The Byepix Metaverse’s beta version is now in the final stages of development. All cross-chain solutions will be integrated by 2023.