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Technical Details of Byepix Swap Mechanism

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How does Byepix swap work?
How does Byepix Swap work? Byepix Swap uses the Binance Smart Chain protocol to exchange cryptocurrencies. Binance Smart Chain is one of the most notable and widely used tools for cryptocurrency exchange. The protocol facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the BSC Blockchain using smart contracts.

If Ra and Rβ represent the number of coins in reserve and k is a constant, then;
RαRβ = k
During a transaction involving ∆β amount of β and ∆α amount α, with a transaction fee of (1 − γ) of 1 percent, the following equation should be satisfied:
(Rα − ∆α) (Rβ + γ∆β) = k
So, the reserves will be updated as follows:
Rα = Rα − ∆α
Rβ = Rβ + ∆β, and
k = (Rα − ∆α) (Rβ + ∆β)
Thus, using the fixed product literal unlocks a gas-efficient auto-exchange path on Binance Smart Chain.