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Byepix NFT Marketplace provides a unique opportunity for artists and creators to earn money with their work of arts and creations.
Artists no longer have to rely on galleries or auction houses to exhibit their work of art to the customers. Now, The artist has the opportunity to sell his work of art directly to the customers as an NFT, without intermediaries. This is perfect for stopping lobbying and bringing out new talents.
Byepix Creators DAO is the kind of DAO mechanism that integrated into NFT Marketplaces. Byepix community can vote, like, and do many things on NFT Marketplace with this mechanism.
It enables the most liked and searched NFTs to stand out and enter the trend list with the voting system. The ranking of the trend list is determined by the ​​scores between 1 and 10 according to the votes given by the users.
Below each NFT there will be two buttons that say: Trend scores will be determined by the results of these buttons.
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