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There are multiple ways to earn money within the Byepix system.
We have mentioned previously that Byepix will reward even users who have not invested in the project. We need to talk about how this is possible and why.

Right after the mining activation, the scope of Byepix and how it can be adopted by the masses will be understood more clearly.
As Byepix, we have set our goal to establish a fast and inexpensive NFT Blockchain network that has not been experienced before. Not only we want this network to be fast and inexpensive, but also, we want it to be decentralized.
To achieve this, we need thousands of validators. These distributed validators will contribute to our network by transacting on mobile and desktop devices in different parts of the world. We will reward this contribution through our platform’s native token EPIX.
In addition, the Play2Earn model and the mission gains to be received from the Mission Planet with daily missions are another way to earn money with Byepix.