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Byepix NFT Swap

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A platform where artists can exchange their NFTs with each other.
It only provides wallet-to-wallet NFT swaps, regardless of their value or price tag. Artists can choose this method to add works by other artists to their own collections.
Only gas and commission fees are charged when making this swap.
If an artist or collector (User A) wants to swap his NFT, he enters the Byepix NFT Swap platform and uploads his NFT or collection to the NFTs swap page. If another artist (User B) likes this artist’s (User A) NFT and wants to trade it, he (User B) clicks the swap button. A comment window will then open, asking him to write a comment explaining why he likes this NFT. After typing the comment and clicking the Submit button, a window will open to select his own NFT for the swap. When (User B) chooses an NFT from his collection, the image and information of the selected NFT will be sent to (User A). The transaction is complete if (User A) likes the NFT and approves the swap.