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What will NFTs bring to the online gaming world ?

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E-sports is one of the fastest-growing industries where countless players worldwide seek to monetize from their skills and passions while taking their games to the next level. A select few who represent the best of the best can compete at high levels semi-pro or professional for potentially huge sums, but this is very competitive and not a viable option for most casual game players.
With the introduction of blockchain technology and NFTs bringing verifiable scarcity, decentralization, and traceable ownership to the digital realm, it is easier than ever for users to hone their skills and make their gaming hobby a side hustle.
Non-fungible tokens are uniquely identifiable tokens that live on the blockchain, making them reasonably usable across multiple gaming universes with proper asset integration. NFTs can represent almost anything in a game metaverse as unique digital assets and turn them into measurable assets.
Here are some examples of what gaming NFTs might include; terrain, vehicles, characters and players, in-game items, skins and costumes, rewards, in-game currency, and more. By converting an in-game item into an NFT, the player takes full ownership of it, unlike current game iterations where the game developers have complete control over all aspects of the game.