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3D Modelling Builder

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Users can create 3D Model structures through the Byepix APP.

How would you like to design your own living space on Byepix Life Planet?

In this universe, you can create everything from your character to the house you will live in.

Features of 3d Model Structures:

  • Tree
  • Path
  • Wall
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Ground

With the 3D Modelling Builder App, Byepix designs an app to create many loots that you can use in Metaverse, without downloading any software and without the need for any technical knowledge.

 After creating 3D structures as NFTs, one can transfer them following the Byepix star system. As Byepix will gradually replace meta-objects, builds must meet Byepix standards. The 3D Modelling Builder will open as a test in the first phase, allowing users to test and model the application.