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Digital Self-Sovereignty

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For the first time in history, Peer-to-peer trading provides players the opportunity to gain complete control over their assets.
Users no longer have to abide by arbitrary rules or standards imposed by game development and management teams, empowering end-users to work as they please.

The types of digital games are developing, the way the game is played, and its necessary elements are also changing.

This precise asset control is also demonstrated with peer-to-peer swaps, as it is entirely up to users to use their assets. Even if the in-game asset is worth millions, they have the option to give it away for free, transfer it in an exchange, or sell it directly to realize its value immediately. With NFT swaps, the possibilities are endless and go as far as any player is willing to push them. These exchanges highlight creativity and value, rewarding players the way many wishes have been fulfilled before.