Web3-based All-In-One Super Metaverse - Play2Earn - NFT - DeFi & DAO Platform

Layer 2 Interconnection - Metaversification - P2E Protocols

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We believe that we should be a dynamic and funny team for a multifunctional NFT, Defi, Blockchain, GameFi and Metaverse platform.
The Byepix team consists of many people who have been working in Blockchain for years and specialize in different fields. We brought together a dynamic, idealistic, and fun team for a multifunctional platform that contains NFT, DeFi, Blockchain, Game-Fi, and Metaverse.
• Phoenix Team: This team develops the ideas and applications of all the technological infrastructure you see. It includes many developers, programmers, engineers.
• Orion Team: This team works on the subject that Byepix gives the most importance in principle, namely “security.” Your investment is in the hands of people with significant experience in system security and cryptography!
• Sirius Team: This team is a fast and solution-oriented “executive” team. The team performs all the operations within Byepix and ensures total efficiency integration between the teams.
• Andromeda Team: This team manages the design task with its creative and talented staff. Gamma team’s mission is to design the whole Byepix galactic system. Andromeda team finds content ideas, prepares scenarios for Byepix and plans the implementation phase of the scenarios.
• Eternal Team: This team is in charge of announcing all products to the masses. They manage all processes such as growing, communicating, and sharing with the Byepix community and partners. They play a crucial role in the team, inspiring the development of strategy and products.