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Gaming Platform

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Byepix continues to develop Game-Fi infrastructure.

Byepix P2E Protocol
This protocol is a technological solution that allows all existing or new games to be converted to Play-To-Earn within hours. This Protocol will be integrated into Byepix’s Game Platform.


n addition to the games currently played on this platform, there will also be original games created by Byepix Game Creators.

Byepix Gaming Platform

It is a game platform where players and games meet, and players have many advantages.


B-GP for Gamers


  • Players can earn profits and have various advantages by playing the games contracted with B-GP.
  • Players can earn NFTs compatible with Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance networks.
  • Players Can Earn Social Status and In-Game Values with Universe Rank.
  • Players Can Earn In-Game Values.



B-GP for Games Companies:


  • Non-PlayToEarn games can connect to BGP and “ReBuild” their games to P2E within hours,
  • Games can integrate Reference and Gamification systems into their games by connecting to BGP.With Byepix Gaming Platform, they can integrate PlayToEarn, Gamification, and Reference System structures into their Games.



In the first stage, Byepix connects WebGL/HTML5, Android, and IOS Platform blockchain-based contracted game projects to the Byepix Gaming Platform by creating a bridge thanks to the G-BY API Protocol.


Byepix Game Platform connects games based on NFT SDK Blockchain, but not connected to NFT Smart Contract services, to NFT Smart Contracts with small-scale changes, without forcing changes in infrastructure architectures.


Upgrade your game architectures with PlayToEarn!


What is the Advantage of Non-Blockchain Games with NFT SDK:


Connect NFT features to your games without performing an operational process on the blockchain infrastructure,

Develop and integrate NFT Models suitable for your architecture,


  • Easy Integration
  • Flexible Bridge Between Architectures
  • 1155 – 721 Protocol Compatibility
  • Advanced Level Version: Unity Integration


What is the Advantage of NFT Containing Games with NFT SDK:


=> Extend Your Development Environment,

=> Upgrade your NFT Smart Contracts.



Game Platforms Accepted by Byepix Gaming Platform:








Byepix Gaming Platform Accepted Game Types:

Action games

Action-adventure games

Adventure games

Role-playing games

Simulation games

Strategy games

Sports games

Puzzle games

Idle games

Important: The Gaming Platform does not support Multiplayer games until its Alpha release.

Byepix Gaming Platform Play2Earn Structure:

(To Be Opened For Gamification Systems In Future Versions)



You have a game project but it doesn’t have a PlayToEarn structure?
Connect your project to the Byepix Gaming Platform PlayToEarn Connection Port structure and have a Play2Earn structure within hours.


Gaming Platform connects non-PlayToEarn Mobile and Web games to the Gaming Platform PlayToEarn bridges to PlayToEarn within hours.



So How Do We Do This?


First of all, the Projects are connected to the Byepix Gaming Platform infrastructure with the “Byepix Rose Bridge”.

After infrastructure connections are made,

Projects communicate with B-GP, real-time structure, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks. After communicating with B-GP blockchains, they are connected to services with Smart Contracts (EVM etc.).


Protocols to which B-GP is Connected via Services:


ERC-721,ERC-1155, BEP-20, ERC-20


Games are connected to smart contracts through B-GP Protocol Hooks.


/* and provide their users with various rewards (Coin, Token, NFT) through these contracts. */



Which Networks Is Byepix Gaming Platform P2E Compatible With?


  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon (MATIC)



With Which Software Infrastructures Is Byepix Gaming Platform P2E Compatible?


  • Java
  • javascript
  • swift
  • PHP




Gaming Platform P2E Endpoints:



Chain Name

Chain Id (HEX)

Chain Id (INT)

























bsc testnet






Endpoint Base URL: https://{baseurl}/p2e/



Directory: /createnft

Base URL: https://{baseurl}/p2e/createnft

Accepted Parameters:

String: chain

String: to




Directory: /transfernft

Base URL: https://{baseurl}/p2e/transfernft


Accepted Parameters:

String: chain

String: from

key: string

id: int

String: to




Directory: /transfertoken

Base URL: https://{baseurl}/p2e/transfertoken

Accepted Parameters:


String: chain

String: from



String: to 



G-BY API Protocol holds character, score, experience and user data.

G-BY API Protocol Has 2 Types of Input Lines:


G-BY API is a special protocol that supports games:

1) To connect to B-GP with a reference system,
2) Enables games to be launched directly over B-GP.


What is the Byepix Gaming Router?:

Byepix – GP uses Byepix Gaming Router technology to improve users’ experience within the system.






After connecting to the Byepix Gaming Platform, B-GR detects the device used by the users and performs Web, VR, Mobile routing according to the category of the device.

Thanks to B-GR, you can connect to the games in seconds or minutes depending on the status of the system.

Universe Reference System:

Each user who registers on the Byepix Gaming Platform receives a unique “Reference ID” value. Gaming Platform Reference ID value is valid for all games on B-GP. Users have various advantages with B-GP Reference ID values.



1-) Projects integrate the “Reference System” connections of their games with G-BY and allow users to log in to their games thanks to B-GP.

1.1) “Byepix Gaming Router” is activated within the infrastructure platform where the games are located. Byepix Gaming Router understands that the game is based on “Desktop, Mobile, VR or WEB” and directs the user to the platform.


2-) By integrating the front-end and back-end systems of Projects games into B-GP with “Rose Bridge”, users log in to the game they will play through the Gaming Platform.

What is Rose Bridge:

It is the connection bridge where the projects are first locked when registering with the Byepix Gaming Platform. Projects are included in B-GP by integrating with Rose Bridge.

Rose Bridge encapsulates Frontend and Backend capabilities of Projects, Hosting, Server etc.

Front End: Frontend Skills

Backend: Backend Skills


2.2) Logins to the game system are made through the Byepix Gaming Platform, so users can directly experience the game they want to reach.

How Do You Connect Your Games to Byepix Gaming Platform?

In order to include your games in Byepix Gaming Platform, you must first use Byepix Rose Bridge.

Dock: We can think of Space Stations logic here, if you want to dock with the station you need an ID and permission to dock. Acts like B-GP Rose Bridge Space Stations. You need to dock with Rose Bridge and after this docking, you can enter B-GP.

Reminder: You need to apply for docking in advance and get a docking permit.

Get Your Docking Code: In order to connect to PlayToEarn, make a request by making your project application on

The Byepix docking code is used by the Byepix Trust API during verification.

Gaming Platform and Distributed Server Architecture:

Byepix Gaming Platform; It connects to Amazon distributed server architectures (EC2) and runs on S3 Hive systems.

Thanks to these infrastructure technologies, a special area is created for each project.

Another feature of Distributed Architecture technologies is security, the distribution of projects from different cloud servers ensures the security of the projects at the same time.

Byepix offers many opportunities, especially for games and game developers who want to enter the market. The reason for this is that the financial integrations of new games on our game platform will be done easily, thanks to Byepix’s system.


Our goal is to become the largest platform for Game-Fi concept games by integrating dozens of different games, in which in-game economies are used, into our planet. In line with these goals, we plan not only to integrate the games that we see the new potential to enter the market into our system but also fund them.