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How to Buy NFT on Byepix ?

Estimated reading: 2 minutes
Byepix will work on different networks: Smart Chain gives users the option to create, buy, sell, trade, and group NFTs on the web they find most convenient.
Currently, Byepix is ​​only available for multi-chain transactions, meaning users can interact on a single local chain, but soon users will be able to perform cross-chain transactions.
The first step in purchasing an NFT on Byepix is ​​to connect to the same network as the NFT asset. For example, if NFT is based on ETH, you need to connect to Ethereum. If NFT is based on Binance, you need to connect your wallet to the BEP20 network. If you try to purchase an NFT on a chain you are not connected to, Byepix will prefer you switch to the same network as the NFT you are interacting with.
Once connected to a suitable chain, the purchasing process is relatively simple. On the trading marketplace screen, you can hover over the NFT; this will prompt an ‘Offer Trade’ button to appear, providing you the ability to trade NFT locally. If you make an offer, the bidder can accept, decline, or oppose.
For simplicity’s sake, let’s use the ‘Buy Now’ option for this example. When you find the NFT you want to buy and click “Buy Now, ” you can verify and accept the NFT description and price before completing the purchase. If all is well, check the “I Agree with Byepix Terms and Conditions” box and click the “Payment” box to proceed to the next step.
Once you choose to pay, a new screen will open while NFT trading waits for you to accept the transaction. You will have the option to accept or reject the transaction in your wallet, and you can edit the transaction gas price along the way. Once you approve the transaction, it will be finalized and broadcast over the network, and the NFT sale will be complete for both parties. You will then receive a final notification that the process is concluded.
That’s all it takes to buy your first NFT on Byepix. We offer one of the most intuitive purchasing processes on the market and will continue to elevate our users’ purchasing experience wherever possible.