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NFT Blockchain

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Users can create 3D Model structures compatible with Metaverse via the Byepix app NFT Blockchain. NFT Blockchain allows users to exchange NFTs with each other in the Proof of Stake model. Transfers in the blockchain network are confirmed by block validators in the POS model.

NFT Blockchain allows users to upload NFTs to the blockchain network and exchange NFTs.

 Block validators earn special NFT tokens for each block they approve.
In standard Blockchain structures, a transfer at the NFT asset class level takes expensive fees and a long time to process.
Since the Byepix NFT Blockchain structure is written by the rules of NFT asset classes, fees are reasonable and transactions are fast.
The structure here is shaped according to NFT Asset Class and Block NFT Asset Class. Since the sent transaction and the block in which the transactions are recorded are compatible, the fee and transaction speeds are optimized accordingly.