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Can the Metaverse be stopped?

Estimated reading: 2 minutes
We’ll have to wait and see what the Metaverse will bring in the future and its effect on our lives.
According to Byepix, it is impossible to stop the Metaverse. It is getting overtime. Assets will have more virtual ownership and cryptocurrencies will become a part of everyday life in the future.

Metaverse will give developing countries the opportunity to catch up with developed countries by influencing their economy.

A “meta-universe” platform where virtually every avatar comes together seems like a far-fetched idea, but actually, it’s not impossible to achieve. As well as the Metaverse technology devices that will enter the market, there will be more vocal opinions about who controls the Metaverse and who earns the revenue of such a universe.
One possible scenario would be the democratization of the virtual space or virtual environment. This means that the data warehouse will be accessible to everyone.