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Byepix Game-Fi

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Byepix GameFi is a game that is based on the blockchain-based games to be produced by Byepix and offers the player the opportunity to earn income in cryptocurrencies per time played.
Decentralized finance has influenced the traditional approach to finance and the entire crypto industry. In DeFi, the markets are always open, and there is no central authority that can block payments or block access to financial products. Services that used to be slow and at risk of human error are now automated and more secure because a code that anyone can review is managing them.
But there is one problem, and it’s an obvious one: De-Fi lacks mass adoption. Beginners, especially retail users, are afraid to use it as it seems too complex to understand. There’s a considerable lack of information and user placement processes.

As Byepix, we are gamificating the complicated ways of making money with the Game-Fi technology.

How do we solve this problem?
Answer: Gamification.
After the results of many surveys, spending countless hours explaining De-Fi to our colleagues, friends, and family members, we decided something had to change.
We want to create products that introduce newcomers to decentralized finance interactively in a fun and easy-to-learn way.
Also, our goal is to redesign the experience for existing De-Fi users to be more engaging and user-centric.
“Gamification is about taking what is not a game and applying game mechanics to increase user engagement, happiness, and adoption!”.
In other words, gamification takes elements from game design and the general principles and theories that drive the game and applies them to different contexts, which De-Fi lacks.
Gamification helps people quickly understand complex products and creates a fun and seamless experience.
Our team believes that we will change the way people think about decentralized finance.
To explain Byepix Game-Fi more clearly, we can say that it is integrating financial transactions such as staking, yield farming, and NFTs existing in De-Fi transactions into the gaming industry.
You will be able to discover the Game-Fi concept, which started to grow uncontrollably all of a sudden, thanks to the games that Byepix will produce as of 2022.
Gaming with Byepix will create wealth for players rather than being a waste of cash. The Byepix Game-Fi environment offers gamers and designers endless alternatives to create a whole new universe and world at their fingertips filled with objects and even in-game economies. The games will have infinite potential for players to monetize their in-game actions and incentivize them with many benefits.
Attractive components will include stunning graphics, increased coin prices, and hidden tools for real money.
Our ultimate goal is to eliminate boredom and replace the complex mechanics of wealth creation with games.
When we look at the NFTs produced in 2021, the values produced look as primitive as pixels. Byepix virtual world will create materials at the most realistic value. The ‘play’ ‘business’ and ‘earnings’ model are essential.
We will create independent value to reward players with real-value cryptocurrencies and attract additional individuals.
The concept of Game-Fi was first introduced on September 10, 2020, by Andre Conje, known as the father of the De-Fi system. Game-Fi looks like the future industry as Metaverse and other virtual realities are trending, and many companies are joining the virtual reality craze. The gamification trend and the advancement of the NFT system make Game-Fi the star of the future.
NFTs will gain real value as they become fascinating objects used to lubricate the gears of the DeFi mechanism. While Game-Fi connects the tracks between gaming and finance, it seems that the in-game financial system not only mimics the actual economic system but even surpasses it. Over time, as gaming and decentralized fin-tech converge, as retailers increasingly purchase and promote decentralized monetary properties in digital stores, we will all build the Byepix virtual universe together!