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Free NFT (Creation & List)

Estimated reading: 2 minutes
NFTs continue to be more integrated into our lives over time. There is a strong belief that many mechanisms, such as notary transactions and insurance transactions, will become dependent on NFT and this system will transform gradually in this way.

Considering the possibilities provided by NFT, there does not seem to be any reason why this transformation should not happen.

Byepix places NFTs at the heart of its project. Many of our team members are in the NFT economy as developers, artists, and collectors. For this reason, we have a deep understanding of the pros and cons of the sector.
We would like to announce these ideas to you by turning them into a new tech development: Byepix will not charge any fees for any NFT you produce or list through its network. Isn’t that amazing?!
So, how do we make this possible? Is it possible to mint NFT without paying the network? We know that such questions arise in your mind.
Let’s start with the last question; “No, it’s impossible!”.
You have to pay specific fees to convert the visual and auditory elements such as JPEG, PNG, MP4, GIF to a non-fungible item in the Blockchain network.
In the Byepix system, when you put the NFTs up for sale, we do not do the minting process right away. For example, when you want to sell a jpeg as an NFT, this jpeg will be available as an image on our servers. But when someone wants to buy it as an NFT, that’s when the mint process takes place, and the processing fee gets paid by the original owner who bought the item.
Details will be published within whitepaper V2.0