Web3-based All-In-One Metaverse - Play2Earn - NFT - DeFi & DAO Platform

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About Us

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Byepix is a Web3-based All-In-One platform that includes Play2Earn, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, SoFi, DeFi & DAO technologies

Byepix is on its way to becoming the best All-In-One Blockchain-based Metaverse platform for Digital Evolution, Finance, Art, and Entertainment. And it will provide highly profitable business opportunities for people of all income and status levels.
Other initiatives want to be a part of the digital transformation, but they only want to create a small part.
However, Byepix builds an all-in-one platform that includes almost all of the blockchain tools like; Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Play to Earn, SocialFi, and DAO. While integrating all of these digital tools, it uses WEB 3.0 technology to ensure that it will be a safe, fast, and decentralized platform.



These are the technologies that Byepix brings to the table: 

● Byepix Gamification Contract,

● Virtual Life / Metaverse,

● DeFi, 

● Game-Fi, Gaming Platform (Play2Earn),

● Byepix ICO Staking,

● Byepix Staking,

● Byepix Yield Farming, 

● Byepix Swap,

● 3D Builder,

● NFT Blockchain,

● NFT Marketplace,

● NFT Swap,

● NFT Staking,

● NFT Search,

● Zero Fee NFT Creation & Listing,

● Lottery,

● Prediction,

● SocialFi,

● DAO.


Byepix will also serve humanity as a new digital life that will be an example of living on Earth. Not only in terms of its way of life but also in terms of its financial system.


The Purpose and the Mission of Byepix:


“The purpose is to develop applications that will bring WEB 3.0 innovations together for the benefit and comfort of humanity.”

 Byepix’s Mission Statement is; “To produce sectoral solutions by contributing to the creation of the Metaverse with the virtual star system.” It will do so by leveraging Blockchain technology and implementing WEB 3.0 protocols for VR, AR, and XR.
What Is Byepix?
In our world, where the only constant is change itself, “dreams,” described as futuristic, are much closer to reality than ever before. 
Especially in the last century, the developments in technology and medicine have accelerated our reviewing taboos and unquestioned facts. We are all aware now that our sacred lacks insight and that the miracles we seek are not in this world. 
Therefore, thousands of people on different continents are now striving with the excitement of creating “new” universes where they can make miracles come true. 
Byepix is for the benefit and comfort of humanity and aims to develop applications that will carry these miracles beyond the imagination soon. 
Although the process of making these dreams come true sounds very romantic, we are aware that its feasibility is possible with the competence of the technical infrastructure. 
That’s why we positioned ourselves as a platform that is designed to build the technical infrastructure and involve everyone in the process with our innovative products.
Byepix is a galactic system that hosts nine planets on the Metaverse.
Byepix is basically a galactic star system that hosts 9 planets on the Metaverse. 
The pioneers have discovered that these 9 planets are all suitable for life, and as if they were learning from the mistakes made on Earth, they preferred to distribute all the facts and systems to the planets in this star system instead of a single planet with insufficient infrastructure; and therefore have turned these planets into places for people to have fun, earn money, do tasks; in short, accomplish more than whatever they do on Earth. 
We have now made our forced break with the Earth, and physics and astronomy work a little differently in our new star system. 
Byepix, the biggest star of this system, produces the EPIX substance, which is essential and ensures the whole system’s functioning, with the fusion energy in its center. 
EPIX is a very heavy material that catches the eye with its glow. That’s why it never rusts, tarnishes, or becomes dull. Thanks to all these features, EPIX has been considered the most valuable material in the Byepix star system throughout history.
The infrastructures of Byepix’s future works running with WEB 3.0 technology.
Byepix; offering a new reality, a world of meaning and cooperation opportunities; providing infrastructure and interaction possibilities for cultural, intellectual, and economic production; using different advanced technologies simultaneously and in an integrated manner; Cyber delivers a suitable infrastructure to become a social platform.


Byepix Features

The project serves as an independent NFT ecosystem that attracts users to the Blockchain space. It offers services that cover the NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to create, publish, auction, and trade NFTs at low gas fees. It stands out with its intuitive algorithm that allows users to quickly find the NFTs they are looking for in the market, ensuring that NFTs are staked with smart earning models.
It stands out with its intuitive algorithm that allows users to quickly find the NFTs they are looking for in the market and ensure smart earning models are used to stake NFTs.
Byepix will allow users to create 2D/3D NFTs and transfer them to planets in the Byepix star system.
Byepix can host any NFT available in other markets that Byepix accepts and finds compatible with our blockchain structure. Byepix seamlessly allows to buy, sell, trade NFTs, and also to own shares.
Byepix seamlessly allows the buying, selling, trading of NFTs and enables us to own their shares.
Byepix’s vision is to produce sectoral solutions by contributing to the development of Metaverse with the virtual star system it will create using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Byepix will have its own swap application for the users to buy and trade EPIX tokens.
Byepix will have a Launchpad within its star system. Planets will use the Byepix Launchpad before going into orbit.
EPIX is the governance token of the Byepix platform which has the following use cases:
• Governance designed so, that the EPIX token holders can vote on platform parameters to drive project economics and developments.
• Incentives: EPIX tokens going to be used to reward user participation in future bounty hunting, referrals, and other programs. EPIX tokens are required for NFT issuance, staking, auction, trading and more.
• System Tax: Users trading with EPIX tokens will contribute to a dividend pool.