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ICO Rewards

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Byepix plans to special giveaway rewards to ICO investors. So, we are glad to announce the prize pool for investors who hold the specified amount of EPIX tokens in their wallets during the ICO phase.

Just like the ICO sales, we have a bounty program for ICO investors too. Users who hold tokens in the specified numbers in their wallets can win one of these Metaverse Lands, MetaHuman Characters, and Tickets to Special Events that will take place in the Metaverse Universe from the prize pool. And all of this will be a special NFT for you!

ICO Bonuses

  • Purchase Bonus (Up to 20%):
    Early investors will be granted bonuses during the ICO that will give them additional tokens. The following dates are when you can get this bonus:

         Week 1: 20%
         Week 2: 15% (Currently active)
         Week 3: 10%
         In the final five weeks of the ICO, there will be only a 5% additional $EPIX bonus. 

  • Land Rewards for each Investment Level
    Byepix believes that the ICO investors should be rewarded for their support, which is why it’s giving away land parcels.

    Investment                  Reward

           $500                    Silver Land
          $1000                   Gold Land
          $2000                Diamond Land
          $4500                Premium land

  • ICO Staking at 90% APY
    The first of its kind: ICO Staking, will be activated on September 26. This will allow users to stake their coins while they wait for the listing date.

  • Byepix  Referral Bonuses
  1. Token Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)
  2. Land Referral Bonus (Up to Diamond Land with a Mansion)
  3. USDT Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)
  4. Land Sales Referral Bonus (Up to 15%) ICO