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Investor Protection Program (Advantageous Maximum Profit Program)

This Section Contains:

1) What is the Maximum Profit Program?

2) How does it work for the ICO?

3) How does it work for the Private Sale?

4) How does it work for the Presale?

What is the (MPP) Maximum Profit Program ?

To ensure fair trade, we developed a dynamic vesting period.

The Maximum Profit Program is designed to keep the price after the listing stable and to let it climb upwards.

Tokens will not be released all at once. $EPIX Tokens will be released every day, at different times and non-simultaneously.

Byepix Web3.0 Engineers discovered this technique to keep the circulation supply low by sending the tokens in a locked manner to the wallets. Even though tokens are locked, investors can Stake and Unstake their tokens. But their tokens won’t get into the Circulating Supply.

This prevents pump and dump, and by keeping circulating supply under control, we simply allow prices to rise naturally, allowing every investor to profit from their investments.

This way, we aim to:

  1. Prevent pump and dump after the listing finds a place.
  2. Token prices will rise day by day since there will be more buyers than sellers. When your tokens are released, you’ll profit just as much as the first individual who sold their tokens without missing your chance.
  3. To give everybody a fair chance, we locked the tokens of our team. Their tokens will be unlocked by 5% every quarter.
  4. We also made it possible for everybody to stake their tokens while waiting for their tokens to be released.


Because with the Byepix, the only way is up.


How does it work for the ICO?

After the first listing, vesting periods will be activated. Then, when the Vesting (30/90/180 days) ends, the Maximum Profit Program of the ICO will add the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the vesting days from the beginning of the ICO to the moment the Investor Purchased. And it will release the tokens at a very unique moment for trading.

-The release date of your tokens is determined by;

The ICO started on September 9th.
The vesting period that the investor chooses is 30 days.

The investor purchased it on September 15th.
The investor’s tokens will be released: 30+6=36 days after the listing.

Unlocking Formula

Vesting Days (Total Lock Days)
ICO Start Time (09.09.2022, 00:00) Purchase Time (Example 19.09.2022, 15:15)

Investor Purchased from 3rd STAGE with 30 Vesting Days on 19.09.2022, at 15:15.

Purchase Time – ICO Start Time + Vesting Days = Result
(19)                        (9)                       (30)                (40) Days,

This Investors’ $EPIXs will be unlocked after 40 days at 15:15 after the listing date.

*The above unlock times are based on hours. Tokens are unlocked according to the time purchased.

This way, Byepix keeps the Circulating Supply under control, eliminates pump-and-dump, and enables prices to increase organically, so investors may benefit hugely from their Early Investment.

How does it work for the Private Sale?

Presale was on for a short period of time. It had 90 days of vesting.
It means MPP will begin to release Investor’s tokens after 90 days of the listing.


How does it work for the Presale? 

Where the Lock/Vesting period is lowered to one week after the listing (because of the liquidity requirements of the listings) + purchase date = After one week, the first-ever buyer will be able to sell, then the second, then the third. And until the presale tokens are finished, the Fair Profit Program will open the Locks consecutively and constantly at a maximum of 30.000 tokens each day. This aims to keep prices stable so that everyone can earn equally.

-The release date of your tokens is determined by;

The day you purchased them (Purchase Day) plus 7 days (Listing Liquidity Support Lock).

7 days + 30.000 EPIX (Tokens unlocked each day).

The number of days you can sell after the listing date.

For example, someone who purchases EPIX Tokens five days after the pre-sale begins will be able to sell them (approx) twelve days after listing.

How does Byepix plan to run the DAO mechanisms?

As Byepix, we aim to make fundamental developments and bring the project to a structure managed entirely by the community after the maturity period of the project. Even as it stands, Byepix DAO will be one of the best examples of democratic finance. BYEPIX-DAO can work with outside information and execute orders based on that information without any human input. BYEPIX-DAO is run by an incentivized community of stakeholders through the EPIX mechanism, while BYEPIX-DAO’s rules and transaction records are recorded on the blockchain transparently. Stakeholder votes usually determine rules. Bids are in use to decide on e-DAO. If a proposal receives a vote of acceptance by most stakeholders, it is implemented.

What are the firsts of Byepix that are not available on any other platform?

We consider our whole system before moving on to features and products. There is no project that is this complicated and integrates or aims to integrate different topics in the Blockchain world with this efficiency. Let’s start by saying that Byepix does not compete with other Metaverse, WEB3, GameFi projects in this respect. Based on product and development, the new concepts that Byepix has brought to the world of DeFi are as follows:
NFT Blockchain: Byepix creates a Blockchain network designed exclusively for NFTs. Since the Byepix NFT Blockchain structure is according to the rules of NFT asset classes, its fees are reasonable, and transactions are fast.
NFT Staking: For the first time in Byepix, you will be able to earn EPIX Tokens by staking your NFTs. Votes of Byepix editors and DAO contributors will determine the eligibility for Staking for NFTs.
ICO Staking: For the first time, Byepix investors will stake the tokens they receive from the pre-sale. Thus, investors will increase the number of tokens without pricing.

What does the Byepix star system mean ?

We mentioned that the essential methods used by Byepix are gamification and storytelling. Byepix, we have designed nine different planets on their metaverse on this axis. These planets where people can have fun, earn money, do tasks; In short, we have made them places where they can do more than anything they do in the world. For example, on Finance Planet, users manage their financial investments such as Swap, ICO, Stake, buy and sell plots on Life Planet, generate NFTs through free tools on Creation Planet, enjoy winning while playing on Game Planet, and accumulate EPIX through daily quests on Task Planet. These planets are only a tiny part of the star system.

Can I experience the benefits of the network by moving the NFT from another network to the Byepix network ?

Yes, it is possible. Once the network is complete, you will be able to transfer your NFTs from other networks to the Byepix network, making fast and cheap transfers or making your purchases and sales via the Byepix NFT Marketplace with the cross-chain bridge.

How will NFT Blockchain be faster-cheaper?

In standard Blockchain structures, a transfer at the NFT asset class level will incur hefty fees and take a long time to process. Since the Byepix NFT Blockchain structure is written according to the rules of NFT asset classes, its costs are reasonable, and transactions are fast. The structured shape is according to NFT Asset Class and Block NFT Asset Class. The fee and transaction speeds are optimized accordingly since the sent transaction and the block in which the recorded transaction are compatible. Many validators are needed for the network to be this fast and cheap. We plan to turn our gamers into delegates, validators, and miners by integrating these needs into the Game-Fi model.

What distinguishes Byepix NFT Marketplace from other marketplaces?

As Byepix, we promise a new NFT experience to our users. From the production process of NFTs to the sales process; Our team, who technically explains the developments we have not heard before, from the sales process to the staking process, in the Whitepaper, aims to create an active marketplace. The most significant advantage of our team here is undoubtedly NFT Blockchain… Because we make it possible to make cheaper and faster transfers by moving NFTs from different networks to this network. We offer one of the most intuitive purchasing processes on the market and will continue to elevate our users’ purchasing experience wherever possible.

What is Byepix Yield Farming?

Byepix Yield Farming is theoretically the same as DeFi Yield Farming. But practically, it replaces this function with game mechanics. Some liquidity pools may payout rewards in multiple types of tokens. Afterward, users can deposit these reward tokens in other liquidity pools and earn rewards from there, and the process can continue like this. Even with this much knowledge, you can realize how highly complex strategies can emerge in such a short time. But the main idea is that the liquidity provider deposits their funds into a liquidity pool and, in turn, earns rewards.

What is Byepix Liquidity Pool ?

Liquidity pools are the backbone of many DeFi projects like Byepix. Users named liquidity providers (LP) can add two tokens of equal value to a pool to create a market. In exchange for offering their funds, they earn from the fees charged on the transactions made in their pool. Their earnings are directly proportional to their share of the total liquidity.
A liquidity pool is funds locked in a smart contract. Liquidity pools are used to support decentralized trading, lending, and many other functions that we will explore later.

What is Byepix Staking?

If the cryptocurrency you hold allows staking, you can stake some of it and earn a compound interest reward from those assets over time. This usually happens through a “staking pool,” similar to an interest-bearing deposit account.
Byepix Staking goes beyond token locking with a boring interface; we make these mechanics more fun by gamifying them. For example, imagine a fishing game running on a Game Platform. It is possible to keep the fish caught in this game in the fridge or the ice room, but let’s think that more profit can be made from these fish hiding in the ice room and waiting for the days when the fish is not in season.

What is Byepix Swap?

Byepix Swap uses the Binance Smart Chain protocol to exchange cryptocurrencies. Binance Smart Chain is one of the most notable and widely used tools for cryptocurrency exchange. The protocol facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the BSC blockchain using smart contracts.
Byepix is ​​a user-friendly, decentralized exchange running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with many other features that allow you to stake and earn your tokens. (Byepix Swap can also work on Ethereum. Thus, it is possible to trade Ethereum ERC-20 based tokens.) It is fast, cheap, and secure.

What is Byepix Lottery?

Thanks to the Lottery function, you have the right to participate in the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly draws.

What is Byepix Free NFT?

To convert audio-visual elements such as jpeg, png, mp4, gif in NFT format into an unchangeable item on the Blockchain network, you have to pay a certain fee to the network.
The network will not charge fees for any NFT you will produce or list through Byepix.
Thanks to this feature, you can list as many visual or auditory items as you wish, free of charge, through our system.
In the Byepix system, when you put the NFTs up for sale, we have not yet done the minting process. For example, when you want to sell a jpeg, this jpeg is only available as an image on our servers. But when someone wants to buy it, the mint process takes place, which is paid by the original owner who purchased the current item.

What is Byepix Nft Creation ?

Creation enables users to create NFTs on the web, regardless of external environments, with its Custom Design App.
There are no creation fees for NFTs designed on the NFT Design App platform. Only a transfer fee is required when uploading NFTs to the blockchain.
With our creation tools, you can make your own NFTs and become the architect of your Metaverse universe construction!

What is Byepix Mining?

As Byepix, we will establish a fast and inexpensive NFT Blockchain network. While we want this network to be quick and affordable, we also like it decentralized.
We need thousands of validators to do this. These distributed validators will contribute to our network by transacting on mobile and desktop devices in different parts of the world. We will reward this contribution through our platform’s native token, EPIX.
The Play2Earn model and the mission earnings from the Mission Planet with daily missions are another way to earn money with Byepix.

What is the Byepix Gaming Platform?

Our goal is to become the largest platform for Game-Fi concept games by integrating dozens of different games, in which in-game economies are widely used, into our system. In line with these goals, we plan to incorporate the games that we see potential to enter the market into our system and fund them.

What is Game-Fi Gamification?

“Gamification is about taking what is not a game and applying game mechanics to increase user engagement, happiness, and adoption!”. In other words, gamification takes elements from game design and the general principles and theories that drive the game and applies them to different contexts.

What is Byepix Game-Fi?

Byepix GameFi is a game that is based on games to be produced by Byepix, has a blockchain basis, and offers the player the opportunity to earn income in cryptocurrencies per time played.
To explain Byepix GameFi more precisely, we can say that the integration of financial transactions such as staking, yield farming, and NFTs existing in DeFi transactions into the gaming industry. You will be able to discover the GameFi concept, which started to grow uncontrollably all of a sudden, thanks to the games that Byepix will produce as of 2022.
As Byepix, we gamify the complicated ways of making money with Game-Fi for you.

What network does the Byepix token support?

Binance Smart Chain
It will also support the Ethereum network in the future.

What is the total supply of Byepix tokens?

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 = 1 billion EPIX
You can see the token economy from the link below

What is Byepix MetaFi?

Byepix is ​​a platform for NFT, De-Fi, Blockchain, Game-Fi, and Metaverse. Byepix; offering a new reality, a world of meaning and cooperation opportunities; providing infrastructure and interaction possibilities for cultural, intellectual, and economic production; using different advanced technologies simultaneously and in an integrated manner; Cyber delivers a suitable infrastructure to become a social platform.