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Capturing Value

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You can trade various digital items you own that have a uniquely identifiable value for what you need.

Peer-to-peer trading is the ability to trade without an intermediary, which was previously impossible in the online space before the introduction of blockchain technology. Now everyone can trade with whomever they want, with a fluent trading process that includes only the parties in the trade. With swaps, this is done off-chain with no transaction fees, making trading as smooth and easy to execute as possible.

Instead of playing countless more hours to earn the qualifying item, you can buy it or trade it with another player on an open market.
The fact that there is now an open market where players can appreciate the tangible value of their items presents an excellent opportunity for them! This feature will occur throughout a player’s entire online experience.
Another option is to offer the seller a price they can’t refuse. With peer-to-peer NFT exchanges, users can navigate the game world much more simply and perform transactions in a way that mimics the real world.
If you own more than one single item or want to diversify, peer-to-peer NFT swaps make the transaction easy and put all the trade value in the hands of the players who made the transaction. On top of that, swaps mean that no transaction fees should be wasted on the exchange, optimizing the outcome for both trading parties.