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The Safest ICO To Invest

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Byepix gave start to a new era in Blockchain Sector

A Revolution in Early Investments: The first “Investor Protection Program” in the history of investments;

Byepix Investor Protecting Program 

A very special mechanism called the “Byepix Maximum Profit Program” was implemented in Byepix’s Early Sales Stages by Byepix Web3.0 Engineers aiming to maximize profits for all participants.


 1. Groundbreaking BYEPIX MPP makes it possible to send EPIX tokens in a locked manner to the users’ wallets through a mutual agreement that the buyer approves by purchasing. 

      This agreement makes the tokens not owner-bound nor buyer-bound but time-bound. Once $EPIX tokens (Governing token of Byepix) are Purchased by the buyers, the blockchain allows the sending of the purchased $EPIX tokens to the buyers’ wallets in a Secure Safe, where this safe gets opened automatically only when its defined time comes. MPP also has a very unique release system that makes sure that these tokens won’t be released at the same time into Circulating Supply:

  • Limited Daily Release (30k EPIX Per day) – Byepix applied this technique to its Byepix Presale and Private Sale Stages. 
  • Purchase Date and Time-Bound Release ((Purchase Date – Sale Start Date) + Chosen Vesting Period) This method is applied in the Byepix ICO Stage.

Since $EPIX Tokens will be released with time-bound or Limited amount conditions Circulating Supply will be under control and this will eliminate pump-and-dump, and enable prices to increase organically, so investors may benefit hugely from their Early Investments.

Unlock Formula

Progress Days (Total Lock Days) (30 in his case)

ICO Start Time (09.09.2022, 00:00)

Purchase Time (Example 22.10.2022, 03:50)

Investor Bought from the 3rd STAGE on 22.10.2022 03:50 with 30 Progress Days.

  Purchase Date – ICO Start Time + Vesting Days = Result
        (10-22)                    (9-9)                    (30)             (73) Days,

These Investors’ $EPIX’s will be unlocked after 03:50 after 43 days, with their listing classes locked.

*The above unlock times are on an hourly basis. Tokens are unlocked by purchase.

This Byepix provides controllable Circulating Supply, from pumping and unloading purchases and schools of prices organically, they are great from Investment over the course of the cruise.


“The Circulating Supply remains limited, which means EPIX price will skyrocket. Such a smart concept.” 

As an example, after the first week of Byepix’s listing, there will be only 100k to 120k $EPIX Tokens in circulation instead of 5 million. It means within the next 20 days after the listing, the price will definitely be up to 20 dollars and increase upwards.

       2. Another revolution by BYEPIX Tech Lab Web3 Engineers, and a kind way to see Byepix’s intelligence in caring for its investors: ICO STAKING,

A First in DeFi History!

Byepix’s revolutionary ICO Staking draws a line on the primitive modern-day ICO Systems, which freeze the funds of the Investors carelessly with vesting periods and ICO run times. And it replaces them with the Byepix ICO Staking. 

“Byepix ICO Staking allows investors to earn returns immediately the moment the $EPIX purchase is completed.”

“With Byepix MPP, your money does not sleep; it works!”

Even though tokens are locked through the MPP, investors can make use of the Byepix ICO Staking and Stake / Unstake their tokens freely at a 90% APY rate and make even more profit by increasing the number of $EPIXs that they own. Huge profits are to be made. 

What? Is that even possible? 

Yes, this ground-breaking method found by the Brilliant Byepix Tech Lab Web3 Engineers is Possible. 

We hope this inspires startup projects to apply this method to their systems, and will become a contribution to compensation for the past losses of many ICO Investors and allow them to trust ICOs again. Team Byepix.

Byepix Cares.

Why is Byepix Safe to Invest In? 

It’s a double win-win with Byepix. While the Maximum Profit Program will keep the $EPIX Price stable and rising, ICO staking will increase the amount of $EPIX in investors’ hands by 90% APY. 

The Short-term Profit Prediction of $EPIX is 30X to 50X, and the Long-term is 100X.