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How Can I Participate in the Byepix Pre-Sale Using My Metamask Wallet ?

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Here is our video on how to use your MetaMask Wallet with Byepix. 

Advantageous Fair Profit Program 


We designed a dynamic vesting period to ensure fair sales occur. 

All of the tokens won’t be released simultaneously. Every day at different hours, people’s tokens will be released nonsimultaneous. This way, we aim to:

1) Prevent pump and dump after the listing finds a place.

2) Token prices will rise day by day since there will be more buyers than sellers. When your tokens are released, you’ll profit just as much as the first individual who sold their tokens without missing your chance.

3) To give everybody a fair chance, we locked the tokens of our team. Their tokens will be unlocked by 5% every quarter.

4) We also made it possible for everybody to stake their tokens while waiting for their tokens to be released.


Because with Byepix, the only way is up.

How does it work?

The release date of your tokens is determined by the day you purchase them.

  • The number of days between the pre-sale start date and the day you make a purchase


  •         The number of days you can sell after the listing date.

For example, someone who buys EPIX Tokens 5 days after the start of the pre-sale will be able to sell five days after listing.