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Byepix Meta-Human Project

Estimated reading: 1 minute
Byepix wants to add a brand-new interface to the NFT world.
We’ve already started working on the prototype to help you craft your Metahuman character as an NFT. We believe that there will be digital people in the future!
Byepix Meta-Human project is an entirely realistic, 3d looking and 3D digital human generation program developed by Byepix. Thanks to this program, you will be able to effortlessly produce your digital person in real-time and free of charge.
It is no longer a dream! With Byepix Meta-Human Creator, one can design completely realistic human models from hair to clothes. It will also be possible to export the models you have designed and use them in your projects.
With Metaverse technology, people who will sit in cafes or go to the theatre in virtual cities will have to choose a Meta-Human, a digital copy for themselves. In this case, one of the ideal software to produce these copies is Byepix Meta-Human.