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NFT Staking

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You can earn EPIX Tokens by staking NFT Asset Class artifacts that you have purchased from the Byepix NFT Marketplace or created with Byepix-Creation.
Staking is a system where investors can lock part of their investments for a fixed period of time to contribute to the blockchain network. In return, the network rewards investors with more tokens. Cryptocurrencies using proof-of-stake models use staking as a way to add new transactions to the blockchain.
In the standard staking structure, the 721, 20, 1155 protocols only work as follows due to the staking rules in their internal networks:
Stake (Coin to Coin), Stake (NFT to NFT) staking structures. Due to these disadvantages, we are making some improvements and we continue to improve the Byepix NFT staking process. With NFT Stake, you can stake NFT asset classes and get EPIX tokens in return.
You can stake the stake with the NFT to NFT rule.
How does Byepix NFT Staking work?
1. Buy or Create an NFT.
2. Stake your NFT.
3. Earn EPIX tokens.