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Byepix ICO Details

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An ICO takes place when a startup is establishing a new service or product with an associated utility and wants to create an ecosystem of stakeholders who will benefit from “purchasing the token early”. This token sale enables the company to further develop its product with an established user base, and funds raised can be used to build the product.

What does ICO mean to us?
The ICO is the most important fundraising phase for us to become the best and largest platform. So we knew we had to be completely prepared for the ICO.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 = 1B EPIX Token
ICO Supply (%10): 100,000,000 = 100M EPIX Token
Starting Date
Finish Date
ICO Token Supply
100,000,000 EPIX
24.450.000 $

S= ICO Start time (09.09.2022)
B= Purchase time (Example 19.09.2022)
L= Locked Time (Fixed lock time of each stage)
V= Vesting Days (Total Locked Days)


V= (B – S) + L


1. STAGE (L=180)

V = (B – S) + L = 190 days, i.e., unlocked after 190 days from the listing date.

2. STAGE (L=90)

V = (B – S) + L = 100 days i.e., unlocked after 100 days from the listing date.

3. STAGE (L=30)

V = (B – S) + L = 40 days, i.e., unlocked after 40 days from the listing date

***The above unlock times are based on hours. Tokens are unlocked according to the time purchased.

Delivery times of tokens to users’ wallets may vary depending on the state of the Blockchain network


The formula for calculating the price for the locked period: Fixed price x Daily interest x Day = Round Price