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In this context, we have designed a DAO mechanism to decentralize the games as well.

Our goal is to become one of the largest platforms for Game-Fi concept games by integrating many games, in which in-game economies are commonly used, into our system. While doing this, our first priority is not to compromise on decentralization. Because we do not define ourselves as a game studio but a Blockchain project.
Undoubtedly, The DAO concept is very promising in solving many things caused by modern organizations. A perfectly designed DAO provides all investors with the opportunity to be part of the organization. There is no hierarchical mechanism, so any innovative idea can be put forward by anyone and the receive opinion of the whole organization. The pre-written rules and voting system, which every investor learns before joining the organization, leaves no room for discussion.
We have integrated this mechanism into the game: You know that there are mechanisms in the games that implement the rules and determine writ of prohibitions. Thanks to the Byepix Gamer DAO, all users who hold EPIX tokens are will be moderators and inspectors in the game. Everything from the players to be banned to the in-game rules is determined by the voting system. Also, rewarding and honouring the best players will be possible with the votes of DAO participants.