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Are you ready to collaborate with the world’s most decentralized developer team with Byepix ?
Dev-DAO is a place where protocols, projects and engineers work together to push the limits of technology built on Byepix. Developers will be able to participate in an existing project on Byepix. In addition, they will be able to help determine and manage the development direction. Based on unifying values ​​encompassing Dev-DAO and its associated governance philosophy, the Dev-DAO architecture provides several unique features for developing the DAO ecosystem.
Dev-DAO internal governance design and external legal design complete each other and create synergies on many levels. Thanks to the Developers-DAO, Developers can contribute to the Developments that the users have achieved a consensus on voting on the Byepix Star system. This will be more general and sustainable.
Byepix Dev-DAO basic values and principles ​​include as follows:
• FREEDOM – means individual power and contains user’s personal information, individual security and privacy.
• PRODUCTIVENESS – means the ratio of work performed by a human, machine or process to the total energy expended.
• COLLABORATION FOR THE COMMON GOOD – means balancing the distribution of power by increasing the power of most individuals without harming the weakest.
The Dev-DAO community consists of:
• Developers   • Scientists   • Researchers   • Technology
  • Experts   • Economists   • Philosophers   • Ethicists