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ICO Staking

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A first in DeFi history!  “Start Generating Returns the Very Moment You Invest!”
We proudly announce ICO Staking based on its motto.

We offer our investors the opportunity to increase the number of Epix Tokens they own. Participating in ICO Staking is an excellent way to earn additional $EPIX at a rate of 90% APY.

Another revolution by BYEPIX Tech Lab Web3 Engineers, and a kind way to see Byepix’s intelligence in caring for its investors: ICO STAKING,

A First in DeFi History!

Byepix’s revolutionary ICO Staking draws a line on the primitive modern-day ICO Systems, which freeze the funds of the Investors carelessly with vesting periods and ICO run times. And it replaces them with the Byepix ICO Staking. 

“Byepix ICO Staking allows investors to earn returns immediately the moment the $EPIX purchase is completed.” Says, the CEO of Byepix.

“With Byepix MPP, your money does not sleep; it works!”

Even though tokens are locked through the MPP, investors can make use of the Byepix ICO Staking and Stake / Unstake their tokens freely at a 90% APY rate and make even more profit by increasing the number of $EPIXs that they own. Huge profits are to be made. 

What? Is that even possible? 

Yes, this ground-breaking method found by the Brilliant Byepix Tech Lab Web3 Engineers is Possible.

Usually, the ICO (Initial Token Offering) takes months, and investors expect the project to be listed on exchanges without any increase in their investment, so investors have to wait without any progress until the listing, which is not good for investors. Therefore, we decided to create ICO staking because we would like to reward our investors as much as possible.


     There are 3 different stages, and each stage has a lock duration and is the same as normal staking. The longer the lock period means the more reward. This reward system is truly unique, but not limited to just staking. For example, if an investor purchases $EPIX at a 6-month lock period, he or she will buy each token much cheaper than the 1-Month lock period.

 Annual staking reward (APY) = 90%


Staking Stage 1

Minimum Duration
30+30 = 60 Days

Staking Stage Reward Max. Supply
25.000.000 EPIX

Staking Stage Profi
0,25*60 = 15%

Staking Stage 2

Minimum Duration
90+30 = 120 Days

Staking Stage Reward Max. Supply
30.000.000 EPIX

Staking Stage Profit
0,25*120 = 30%

Staking Stage 3

Minimum Duration
180+30 = 210 Days

Staking Stage Reward Max. Supply
45.000.000 EPIX

Staking Stage Profit
0,25*210 = 52,25%

       ICO Staking Rules

  • Users can exit the ICO Staking Program no earlier than 72 hours after staking.
  • Users who unstake can rejoin after 72 hours (in any case).
  • Users won’t get rewards if they Leave Staking before the Minimum Duration.
  • A cancellation fee is charged to users who leave ICO Staking early.
  • Before withdrawing tokens to wallets, users must log in and authorize the transfer.
  • If investors stake for a year (2×180 days), they earn 90% of their deposit.