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Life Planet

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On Life Planet, people will be able to build their dream homes, participate in activities, get to know the unlimited item design and enjoy living here forever.
The Life Planet is undoubtedly the most beautiful and largest planet in this star system. Its geography, climate, and vegetation conditions make this planet perfect place for metahumans to live. The moment the pioneers discovered this planet, they realized that it would be their eternal home.
This planet is divided into various lands. People can buy these lands or earn them as a reward by trading on the finance planet.
On Life Planet, metahumans will make their dreams come true. They will set up their second life as well as they want! They will be the architects of their own houses and landscapers of their own gardens. They will meet with unlimited item designs, and they can participate in events.
The life planet consists of a large main continent and various islands. In the coastal part, the mountains are parallel. Green and blue meet in these areas. Imagine that there is a land that is completely designed by you in the coastal area. Byepix’s Life Planet provides you with all of these with its magnificent view.