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Byepix-Dao Mechanism (For Users)

Estimated reading: 3 minutes
Byepix-Dao, will radically improve the virtual world system with NFTs.

Undoubtedly, the DAO concept is exceedingly exciting, as it strives to solve everything wrong with modern organizations. A perfectly designed DAO provides all investors with the opportunity to shape the organization. There is no hierarchical structure so that anyone can put forward any innovative idea and the views of the whole organization are taken.

Every investor learns the pre-written rules and voting system before joining the organization, which leaves no room for discussion.

Moreover, since both suggesting an opinion and voting costs the user a certain amount of money, it forces them to reconsider their decisions rather than waste time on useless solutions. Finally, Byepix-DAO is designed to be completely transparent, as all rules, like all financial transactions, are registered on the blockchain for all to see. Everyone involved has a say in deciding how the funds are spent and can track the investing process.

The benefits of features such as unreliability and immutability are not limited to applications for the virtual world.

Another potential candidate that this technology can eliminate is management. NFTs could enable entirely new types of autonomous organizations without being coordinated by a central unit.