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Rareness of an NFT

Estimated reading: 2 minutes
Rareness is the most crucial factor for a digital asset like an NFT.
If there is stable market demand and fewer copies are available, the market more values ​​each copy. Rareness is a common theme in NFTs, but it doesn’t necessarily make something valuable as it’s a low amount. Although Rareness is a singular factor in the NFT pricing, it provides a foresight about that.

For example, if two works of art by a famous artist, one with a total of 25 copies and the other 50 copies, are converted to NFT, we can say that 25 copies of NFT will be more expensive due to
its low amount.
There is no guarantee that it will automatically cost twice due to its low amount, but it provides a basis for a mathematical valuation for collectors, investors and speculators.